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We have noticed an increase in back-flow protection demands from water purveyors. Here is why we need it. The contamination of potable water supplies has been with us since our first ancestor decided that using the local stream as a toilet was a good thing for waste removal. Historically, potable water supply contamination has produced plagues, such as yellow fever, cholera, dengue fever, and other waterborne diseases.

The separation of human waste and chemical contamination from potable water was the beginning of cross-connection control, and its benefit has had a profound impact on civilization as we know it. In today’s world with the many technological advances in buildings, the sources of actual and potential contamination are far more varied and difficult to identify.

There are heavy metals from industrial processes and boilers; reclaimed water systems; biohazards from medical procedures, such as dialysis treatment; and various toxic chemicals, such as anti-freeze, that are introduced into piping systems for a variety of purposes. These materials should never be found in a potable water supply.

Because of the evolution of technology and the greater demands placed on preserving the safety and purity of the potable water supplies, various types of backflow preventers have been developed. For more information, and If you don’t have backflow protection or your water purveyor has notified you that you need protection, we can help.

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