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Clearing a clogged sinkClogged drains are common household plumbing concerns. One of the primary culprits behind these problems is your hair, however. Short of controlling your hair fall altogether (which is impossible) or shaving your head, hair ending up in the drain is inevitable.

Excessive hair buildup causes drains to slow and back up, rendering your sink, tub, or shower useless. Moreover, backed-up water exerts extra pressure on your water pipes, shortening their lifespan. Over time, these buildups clog mainline sewer pipes, resulting in costly damage.

Failure to clear the drain immediately will result in worse problems that require the help of emergency drain cleaning in Denver. Fortunately, with a little foresight and some drain accessories, you can nip the problem in the bud. Prevent hair from compromising the pipes in the first place with drain filters.

Drain Filters: Simple but Effective

Also known as drain screens and hair strainers, drain protectors are handy gadgets that fit inside or over your bathroom’s drains to catch hair before it enters your pipe system. Although most homeowners use these for tubs and showers, you can also use them for your sinks. A set of drain filters usually cost below $15, depending on the material (e.g., metal mesh, plastic, or silicone) and design.

Some homeowners are not big fans of drain filters due to its bulky or flimsy design and constant need to be cleaned, however. They don’t have to worry. Other models with more user-friendly features are in the market, too. Here’s a run through of some popular drain filter styles:

  • Dome style screens. The most common filter type, these colander strains perfectly fit over any drain and also work well with both pop-up and flat drains. Many dome style filters are also dishwasher-safe and anti-microbial, so it’s easier to keep them clean and fresh. Still, it’s important to clean the filters regularly to prevent hair buildup.
  • Plug style or basket hair strainers. This cover requires less cleaning. It also comes with replacement filters so you can just throw them away. It’s convenient but also more expensive.
  • Drain covers. These flat disk gadgets fit most drain types and are also perfect for homeowners who prefer less obtrusive designs. Covers with silicone or weighted rims keep it from sliding around when the water’s running.

Hair Out of the Drain: What You Can Do

Preventing hair from clogging the drain begins with a simple step: brush your hair before jumping in the shower. Apart from preventing hair snarls, it’s easier to sweep hair off your polished floor than removing tangled locks from your filter or drain. Also, when fixing your hair, lean away or step back from the bathroom sink. The same rule applies when cleaning out a comb or brush.

Drain filters are helpful, but it might not catch everything. Remember to pull out hair from the drain opening once a week. Fancy tools are unnecessary; all you will need is a piece of wire with a bent end.

Clogged drains shouldn’t add to your current household expenses. Instead of worrying about hair stuck in the pipes, prevent the problem with some nifty drain covers.

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