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Expert Tankless Water Heater Installation in Denver

5 Star Plumbing Inc. is a premier provider of expert tankless water heater installation in Denver. With over 25 years of experience in the plumbing industry, our team will help make sure you have hot water at home when you need it, for as long you as need it.

A Team of Expert Plumbers

Led by a master plumber, our team has handled many water heater installations, in the past. While our technicians have the know-how to repair faulty tank water heaters, we suggest replacements if your current unit is over 10 years old and no longer works efficiently. We often replace old units with new tankless models. After all, tankless units are space-savers, and they are more energy-efficient compared to conventional storage-tank water heaters.

Tank vs. Tankless Water Heaters

When it comes to choosing between a storage-tank water heater and a tankless one, you have to consider a lot of factors. For one, tank water heater units are more affordable than tankless models. And, because your home already has a tank water heater, the plumbing connections are in place and all you need to do is buy a new unit and have it installed. The actual installation plus the unit will not cost you that much.

By contrast, tankless units come with long-term savings as they are highly durable. When properly maintained, they can last twice as long as conventional units. As mentioned, they are energy-efficient, as well. This type of heating system doesn’t fill a tank with water and heat it continuously, a process which causes a spike in your monthly electric bills. Instead, tankless units only heat water when you need it, for as long as you need it—meaning, you only pay for the hot water that you actually use. In addition, tankless water heaters offer space savings. They don’t come with metal tanks that can take up a lot of room in a home where space is at a premium.

With our expert installation services, we will make sure your tankless water heater functions optimally, giving you all the hot water and energy and space savings you need.
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Why go Tankless ?

by Mike Miller, Master Plumber
There was a time, I only recommended tankless water heaters to those with larger bath tubs, bigger households, or as an option for low boy gas conversions.  As someone who has sold and installed both tank style and tankless units,  I decided to try  a tankless  water heater in my own home.
what I found is, how much I prefer the tankless over the tank style. My preconceived thoughts have changed a bit, to recommend the tankless water heater more often.  I have made a list of just some of the pros of having a tankless unit.rheem water heaterSpace saving

      • No more unnecessary heat loss when not in use
      • The obvious, no longer running out of hot water
      • Tankless units, when maintained properly, should last twice as long as the conventional tank style units.
      • Long term price savings
      • Perhaps the clencher, for me anyway, was the water quality and the constant temperatures during uses.

Considering the cost of a tankless water heater, it is twice as much as that of a tank style water heater.  This may seem like a disadvantage initially, but not having to replace a water heater again in 12-13 years at even a higher cost, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Get Instant on demand and endless hot water to your sinks, showers and other hot water using applications. The top rated residential small Rheem tankless electric point of use water heaters are perfect for bathrooms, kitchen and laundry rooms. We off the best most energy efficient and space saving units that fit easily unser counters and sinks. Get hot water when you need it , for as long as you need it. Call 5 Star Plumbing today to schedule your free estimate.

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